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Ultra compact sub-nanosecond fiber laser is out!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest product, the Ultra compact Sub-Nanosecond Fiber Laser EVO-UC-NS series. 

The EVO-UC-NS laser source delivers pulses with duration tunable from the true subnanosecond range up to 5 ns with the high peak power and high pulse energy as well as the highest output power per unit volume available on the market. The laser could be equipped with compact SHG module.

EVO-UC-NS series boasts exceptional performance stability and is tested to sustain vibration and mechanical shocks as well as thermal cycling to comply with IEC 68-2-27 and IEC 68-2-6 standards. Being compact and lightweight, the laser is ideally suited for integration in LIDARs and compact laser measurement systems.

This ensures that researchers and industrial users can achieve the highest levels of precision and reproducibility in their experiments or manufacturing processes. Moreover, compact and all-fiber optimized design make it easy to integrate into existing laser systems.

Key features:

  • wavelength: 532, 1064 nm;
  • output power up to 3 W@1064 nm;
  • 10 kHz–1 MHz repetition rate;
  • up to 25 μJ pulse energy;
  • pulse duration 0,7-4 ns.


  • LiDAR;
  • scientific research.
      • IR version for Environment applications
      • Green version for Underwater applications (measurement, surveying, distance ranging, communications)

Get in touch with us to learn more about the EVO-UC-NS laser source and our other exciting products!