Laser Drivers

  • CW and short ps/ns pulse mode
  • ultracompact cost-effective design
  • wall plug efficiency up to 97%
  • highest peak power among the commercial LDs

Single Frequency Lasers

  • wavelength of 1064 & 1550 nm
  • linewidth below 1 kHz
  • output power up to 5W
  • stable single frequency operation

Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Lasers

  • design based on customized ultra large mode area fibers
  • wall plug efficiency up 20%
  • compact design & highest output power per volume
  • 100 W of average power in IR, up to 40W in green
    and up to
    15 W in UV
  • narrow linewidth version available

Short Pulse Diode Lasers

  • pico & nanosecond pulse durations
  • ultracompact cost effective design
  • collimated beam and fiber output

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