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PLD-NS short pulse laser diode driver

Key features

  • Special design for 10/14 pin butterfly laser diode
  • Output current up to 2000 mA
  • Compliance voltage up to 3V
  • Adjustable pulse width 1–100 ns
  • Repetition rate up to 10 MHz
  • External trigger option
  • On-board TEC controller
  • LabVIEW and Python libraries
  • 5 VDC input power
  • RS232/USB/CAN/UART interfaces
  • Integrated heatsink
  • Compact size 85×60×21 mm


The PLD-NS is a compact short-pulse seed laser diode driver for powering 10/14-pin butterfly laser diode modules for applications, which require pulse widths from 1 ns to 100 ns. The pulse repetition frequency can be varied from 1 kHz to 10 MHz.

The driver circuitry requires a single 5 VDC power source. All other needed voltages are generated on the board by high-frequency switching power supplies. The driver supplies a bidirectional proportional-integral derivative (PID) thermoelectric cooler controller (TEC) with current capability of 1.5 A and a voltage capability of 4 V.

The main parameters of PLD-NS (output current, pulse width, repetition frequency, temperature set) are controlled by computer interface. The current pulse monitor output can be viewed with an oscilloscope by on-board SMA connector allowing the user a real time view of the current. Voltage amplitude 1 V is equal to 2 A current.

The PLD-NS has an external TTL-compatible input for repetition rate control from single shot up to 10 MHz.
The PLD-NS has an external output for synchronization with each current pulse.
Driver has landing pads for solderin a butterfly laser diode directly into driver board and large heat sink for stable heat dissipation.



Parameter Units Min. Typ. Max.
Voltage VDC 4,8 5,0 5,2
Current A 2
External trigger (50 Ω impedance) VDC 3,3 5
Current mA 2000
Compliance Voltage V 1 3
Pulse width** ns 1 100
Pulse width step ns 0,2
Repetition rate* MHz 0,001 10
Rise time** ps 50 500
Fall time** ps 200 1000
TEC current A -1,5 +1,5
TEC voltage V 1 4
TEC Temperature Set ˚C 15 25 45
Operating ˚C +10 +50
Storage ˚C -20 +70
Humidity, Non-Condensing % 95
Power and inerface connector 10-pin terminal block (1-282834-0 TE connectivity)
USB connector Mini-USB, Type B (1734035-1 TE connectivity)
PCB overall dimensions 85 × 60 × 21 mm
Weight, not more 160 g

* Maximum duty cycle is limited to 2 %. 

** Output performance depends on laser diode characteristics. Performance cannot be guaranteed for all laser types.
See optical output waveforms.

Typical Performance Characteristics