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PLD-CW-2000(H)-ZIF precision constant current laser diode driver

Key features

  • Unified design for 10/14 pin Butterfly Type I Laser Diode
  • High Precision Constant Current Mode
  • Output Current up to 2000 mA
  • High Current Stability: 0.01 mA
  • Control interfaces USB, RS-232, CAN
  • LabView compatible
  • Analog and Digital full current amplitude modulation
  • Python labraries
  • Optical power stabilization mode
  • On-Board TEC Controller
  • Regulated Maximum TEC Current
  • High precision temperature stability: 0.01 deg
  • 5 Vdc Input Power
  • Completed by Heatsink
  • Compact Size 100 mm ×85 mm ×31 mm


The PLD-CW-2000-ZIF is a constant current laser diode driver for powering 10/14-pin butterfly laser diode modules for applications, which require high precision low ripple constant current regulation.

The driver circuitry operates from a single 5Vdc power source. The driver supplies a bidirectional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) thermoelectric cooler controller (TEC) with current capability of 4A and voltage capability of 4V. Maximum TEC current is regulated by user.

The main parameters of PLD-CW-2000-ZIF (output current, temperature set, maximum TEC current, monitor photodiode signal) are controlled by computer interface. The GUI can control multiple drivers connected by CAN/USB hub.

The driver supports full amplitude modulation of drive current by an external analog 0…5V and TTL signals.

Driver has special push-in connector for easy connecting butterfly laser diode directly into driver board and large heat sink for stable heat dissipation.



Parameter Units Min. Typ. Max.
Voltage VDC 4,8 5 5,2
Current A 3
Current mA 2000
Current regulation step mA 0,01
Current ripple % 0,1
Current stability % 0,1
Current set accuracy % 1
Compliance voltage V 1 3
TEC current setting range A -4 +4
TEC voltage V 1 4
TEC temperature set ˚C 5 25 45
TEC temparature step ˚C 0,01
TEC temperarure accuracy % 0,1
Trigger input voltage V 3,3 5
Trigger input impedance Ω 500
Trigger pulse frequency kHz 3
Trigger pulse width μs 150
Current rise time μs 100 140
Current fall time μs 80 160
Analog input voltage V 0 5
Analog input impedance Ω 400
Current setpoint mA/V 400
Analog input frequency kHz 3
Operating ˚C +10 +50
Storage ˚C -20 +70
Humidity, Non-Condensing % 95
Power 2 mm / 5,5 mm Jack (PJ-05AH Cui Devices)
USB Mini-USB, Type B (1734035-1 TE connectivity)
Interface connector Terminal block (1-282834-0 TE connectivity)
PCB overall dimensions 100 × 85 × 31 mm
Weight, not more 200 g