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High precision TEC controller HPreTC-10

Key features

  • Wide input voltage range up to 5 VDC
  • Output current up to 5 A
  • Compliance voltage up to 2 V
  • Efficiency up to 97 %
  • CAN interface
  • Compact size 50 × 60 × 14 mm


The HPreTC-10 is a high precision temperature controller capable to control TEC elements in order to maintain a constant temperature of different loads e.g. laser diode.

The HPreTC-10 is a compact non-isolated DC/DC switch mode power supply with bidirectional current output. Controller contain a closed loop amplifier with adjustable settings P (proportional), I (integral) and D (differential) share for providing optimal temperature regulation.

HPTC-100 can be controlled by CAN interface with PC software.

Controller is designed to maintain temperature based on feedback provided from a 10 kΩ NTC type thermistor sensor.



Input voltageVDC4,855,2
Output voltage*V±2
Output currentA±5
Temperature sensor10
Temperature set⁰C52550
Temperature step⁰C0,01
Temperature accuracy⁰C0,1
Operating temperature⁰C+10+40
Storage temperature⁰C-20+70
Humidity, Non-Condensing%95
Size50 × 60 × 14 mm
Weight< 30 g

* Output voltage cannot be more than 0.83 × Vin/2