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Precision constant current laser control bench

Key features

  • Unified design for 10/14 pin butterfly laser diode
  • High precision constant current mode
  • Output current up to 2000mA
  • High current stability: 0.01mA
  • Control interfaces USB, RS-232
  • Optical power stabilization mode
  • On-board TEC controller
  • Regulated maximum TEC current
  • High precision temperature stability: 0.01deg
  • 12Vdc input power


The LaserBench is a constant current laser diode driver for powering 10/14-pin butterfly laser diode modules for applications, which require high precision low ripple constant current regulation.

The driver circuitry operates from a single 12Vdc power source. The driver supplies a bidirectional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) thermoelectric cooler controller (TEC) with current capability of 4A and voltage capability of 4V. Maximum TEC current is regulated by user.

The main parameters of LaserBench (output current, temperature set, maximum TEC current, monitor photodiode signal) are controlled by touch screen.

The LaserBench can control multiple Evolase laser controller board via RS232 interface.



Parameter Units Min. Typ. Max.
Voltage VDC 11,8 12,0 12,2
Current A 5
Current mA 2000
Current regulation step mA 0,1
Current ripple amplitude % 0,1
Current stability % 0,1
Current set accuracy % 1
Compliance voltage V 1 3
TEC current setting range A -4 +4
TEC voltage V 1 4
TEC temperature set ˚C 5 25 50
TEC temperature step ˚C 0,01
TEC temperature accuracy % 0,1
Operating ˚C +10 +50
Storage ˚C -20 +70
Humidity, Non-Condensing % 95
Power 2 mm / 5.5 mm Jack (PJ-05AH Cui Devices)
USB connector Mini-USB, Type B (1734035-1 TE connectivity)
Interface connector DB9 (5-338313-2 TE connectivity)
Size 100 × 85 × 31 mm
Weight, not more 200 g