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Evolase drivers overview

Evolase offers Laser Lab Solution package which includes laser diodes and SOA completed with a variety of highly flexible laser diode controllers for CW and ns/ps pulsed mode. The package allows to build complex experimental set ups and control them via single user-friendly software interface or via stand along benchtop LCD touch screen driver unit.


The set of laser diode controllers could be conveniently connected to a single lab computer or stand along benchtop LCD touch screen driver unit via USB/CAN hub. Then all drivers can be controlled via CAN protocol.


Key features

  • Available designs include 10/14 pin butterfly laser diodes, Type I, Type II, Type II telecom, SOA
  • Output current up to 2000 mA for CW controllers
  • Full current modulation for CW controllers
  • Single 5 VDC input power
  • Down to 40 ps pulse width for ps controller
  • Adjustable pulse width 1-100 ns for ns controller
  • External trigger option
  • Flexible pulse bursts generation
  • USB, RS-232,CAN, UART interfaces
  • LabView and Python libraries
  • All controllers can be controlled via single software interface or stand along LaserBench unit


Stand along laser controller

LaserBench for all types of drivers

CW high precision LD and SOA controller

CW laser controllers with and without fast clamps

Picosecond laser controller

Nanosecond laser controller

High current laser controller

Nanosecond/picosecond controller for SOA




The package LDs+controllers can be used


  • to build experimental set ups for CW fiber lasers and short pulse fiber lasers including MOPA systems for picosecond and nanosecond pulses with SOA based pulse pickers
  • multiwavelength laser set up
  • set up for quantum communications
  • set up for microwave photonics
  • set up for laser telecommunication
  • spectroscopic set up


Example of application: picosecond MOPA fiber laser