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Short pulse fiber amplifiers SPGM series

Key features

  • High-power gain module based on tapered double clad fiber
  • Single mode output, M²<1.3
  • Can operate with seed power as low as 10mW
  • Gain as high as 40dB
  • Out-of-fiber peak power as high as 1.5MW
  • Large mode area, low level of nonlinear effects
  • Ideal for amplification of narrow line width signals
  • Slim and rigid metal housing
  • Ready to splice to pump and seed source
  • Easy thermal management
  • Thermistors for temperature monitoring


  • To be used for direct amplification
    of short optical pulses
  • Higher order harmonic generation
  • Marking and structuring
  • Micromachining of brittle materials
  • Biological Imaging
  • Pumping of femtosecond OPO/OPA
  • Microscopy


EVOLASE SHORT PULSE MODULE is an amplifying module containing all the needed optical components packaged inside an aluminum housing. The unit is ready-to splice to pump diodes and seed source. The pump coupling unit inside the housing is directly water cooled, and the baseplate of the unit can be easily mounted onto an external heat sink for high power applications.

This module is ideal for customers who want to have fully assembled, ready-to-splice gain unit, but prefer to use their own pump diodes or integrate the module inside a larger system.

The module is fully tested and shipped with a complete test report.

Ordering information

SPGM-PM-C2-“wavelength”-“signal fiber”-“pump fiber”-“built in base cooling”
Signal fiber: 10/125
Pump fiber: 105/125, 200/220, 220/24
Built in base cooling to support high power operation more than 50 W output and eliminates the need to attach the module base to an external heat sink: 0 – no built-in base cooling, 1 – built-in base cooling.


Parameter Units Min. Typ. Max.
Wavelength 1030 1040 1065 nm
Input signal power 5 30 mW
Pump power 180 W
Pump wavelength 976 nm
Pulse energy 60 μJ
Max output power 100 W
Mode field diameter 30 35 40 um
Polarization extinction ratio 13 15
1.05 1.2 1.3
Input signal fiber PM 10/125
Pump fiber 200/220 NA 0.22 150 W, 105/125 NA 0.22 100 W, others upon request
Dimensions 355 × 330 × 38 mm
Water flow 5 10 l/min